“And what would I write about if I only stayed within the doll’s house, the flower-world I grew up in?”

When a young writer’s growing knowledge of world events leads her to nonviolent activism and human rights observation in the Gaza Strip, she witnesses first hand the personal experiences of the people behind the news headlines. 

Taken from the intense and poetic journals of Rachel Corrie, adapted by Alan Rickman and Katharine Viner, My Name is Rachel Corrie boldly poses the question: What do we owe to the rest of humanity?

“My Name Is Rachel Corrie”

was presented by Jacaranda Collective
at The Den Theatre
March 21st-April 6th, 2019

Directed by
Sam Bianchini
Halie Robinson

The Den Theatre
1331 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

“Have you heard of Jacaranda Collective? You will.
If this first offering is any indication, Jacaranda Collective
arrives as an important addition to
Chicago’s theatre scene.”
-Becky Sarwate, The Broadway Blog



“One woman tour de force… an important addition to the Chicago Theatre scene.”

Becky Sawarte, The Broadway Blog

“Seamless… Poignant… Insightful… Impactful.”

Sophie vitello, Chicago Theatre Review

“Compelling… Highly Moving… Driven by a luminous and truthful performance.”

Kris vire, Storefront Rebellion

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