“Both of us like watching the lavender float of jacaranda blossoms as they shook loose from their moorings.”
~ Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way

The Jacaranda is a sacred tree native to the Amazon, and well known for its unique purple blossoms that burst forth in the Spring.

Legend has is that a mythical bird named Mitu landed atop a Jacaranda tree, bringing with him the Goddess of the Moon. Upon her arrival, beautiful violet flowers bloomed from the once bare branches. She descended from her perch to exist amongst the people, sharing with them wisdom, ethics, and empathy.

In 2018, a group of women gathered together, committing themselves to a season of artistic renewal, the result of which was the organic formation of a company.

Jacaranda Collective embodies many ideals that the founders hold dear, including the rebirth of Spring, the wisdom of the Moon, the power of empathy, and the miracle of magic. We endeavor to imbue each production with these values, and invite the audience to become a part of the Collective.

We truly look forward to connecting with you.

©Jacaranda Collective 2019